Monday, 1 March 2010

Blog's makeup update

I'm the kind of person who likes changes. Changes are always a garanty of renovation. They makes me feel like reborn... And this blog is not an exception in my life.
In these two days I've been changing everything here 'till I found this orangy template (I love Orange!). All my crafty energy and free time were focussed in this changes and there was no extra time for another crafty project...

Now, almost all settings are made in the blog and I can comeback to my manual craft.

Hope to be back soon with more projects to share with you!

Have a nice week and a lovely begining of March!!
Spring is around the corner, so please, enjoy Winter's last days!


Lolis said...

Love the new look.

angelesb said...

Me encantó el nuevo diseño. Mi color favorito es Naranja también, combinado con el blanco le da un toque muy pro. Muy bonito :-)

Leire said...

Bonita combinación de color, muy fresca, te invita a pensar los días soleados, bsss


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