Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Just for fun!

Yesterday I saw THIS video (she's so talented!) and was all night dreaming with that cute owl stunned with all the books he had to study... It's so funny idea! So, today I was playing with the idea an got these two notebooks... I still have to improve the technique but I love how fun they look!

When I finished those two notebooks I was still in mood for make something more and finally created this one with a cat enjoying the lamp's light. Love that kind of antiques lamps and the idea of the light and shadow, but the cat's drawing still can be improved... (Remember 'till now I don't stamp. All the images in my projects are hand-drawing by me)
Anyway, I enjoyed making this one too!

Have a nice day!


Sarah said...

I am totally blown away that these images are hand drawn by you!!! You SO need to be selling these as digital images!!! Very talented...Love your notebooks.

Lolis said...

Your drawings are great! The cat is just perfect! The lighting effect on the lamp is very creative. You are so talented!!

Vanesa i Sílvia said...

Qué originales!
Saludos. Sílvia


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