Sunday, 21 February 2010

The music of saving.

Hi! Happy Sunday! (How I love to say that!)
In current times save money at banks is completly necessary, but save some coins in a money-box at home is always a good idea. More than once, this coins pull me out of a hurry!
My Sunday project has been this money-box based on Feng Shui. Actually it's not a box, but a sweet corn empty can covered with my favorite musical patterned paper (an allusion in this case to the sound of coins falling into the can).

According to Feng Shui's theory, to attract money to your house you need to use red and golden colors, and metal or metalized materials too. The front focal point in my project is a chinese letter that means "Metal" or "Money", and I cut it in golden metalized cardstock...

This upper view shows the paper flower decoration... A reminder of life's beauties!

What about you? Do you make savings at home too?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

SO cute...yes we save change like crazy!!!


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