Monday, 18 January 2010

A last minute present.

A dear male-friend who did not see for a long time called me last Friday night to tell me that yesterday (Sunday) would come to town to spend the day with us. What could I do? Prepare a gift for men always get me in trouble, and on such a short notice seemed impossible!
All day Saturday went off and I found not a gift idea for my friend. Just at night occurred to me that a card keeper (for banks cards) would be a nice present. Then I remembered this simple and quickly method to make an envelopes album that had seen some time ago and I set to work. Made some adaptations to the original method (actually, I only used the idea of attach quickly the envelopes with tape), used origami papers (they are always beautiful) for decorate it and in one hour, more or less, was over.
I put his initials in the cover.

It has six pages, each one with envelopes in both sides... So, he can keep twelve cards in it!

What do you think? (my friend loves it!)
(Images were taked Sunday morning, in a hurry... Sorry for the low quality!)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I bet he loves it...what a neat idea!


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