Sunday, 7 March 2010

ATCs keeper

Hi! It's Sunday again! Don't you just love Sundays? It's a day full of promises for the week!
I usually find myself with a lot of energy in this days, and I like to use it in some 3D project. It's the kind of challenge that I appreciate!
Today's project was this box for storage my ATCs. I've been making a lot of this lovely cards lately and I've come to need something for keep them clean and save. I know the custom is to keep them in a traditional cardkeeper, like this one, where you can see them like in a gallery, but I don't have it, and -you know- I love to make my own stuff!
For make the box, I've recycled some medicine boxes, and for decorate it used comun A4 orange color paper, Toga's patterned paper and two beautiful brads from

So, here you have my completly new, simple and shiny -just my style- ATC's keeper, in my lately fav Orange color:

Have a charming and productive week!


Lolis said...

Very cute! I like how you used the brads for locking the flap.

Sònia said...

Preciosa cajita!!! Eres una artista!
Por cierto, te visitó ya la nieve??
en mi casa hay unos 4cm!!


Sarah said...

What a great idea!!!! love it...the orange rocks!


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