Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I'm in love!

Looking at other blogs on the internet I found a small, delicious cards called ATC. I didn't know how they were, nor what was meant by 'ATC', so I searched on Wikipedia and found an interesting article on the origins of these cards, size and much more.
On first reading I could not believe it ... They are so small! Only 6x9 cm! How is possible to work and make so many beautiful things in a very small bit of cardboard?
However, I liked the idea. It seemed an interesting challenge for me.
Today I finally made my first ATC, using for the first time a Mojo Monday sketch and... I felt in love with this little thing!
What do you think?

The original Sketch:


Sarah said...

Beautiful work! Gorgeous things come in small packages LOL!

angelesb said...

beautiful work! love the orange color :-)

Maria Elena said...

So cute !!! good luck !

Becky said...

Beautiful card, love the colors.

Sarah said...

Yes! Beautiful! I have discovered the ATC cards too and think they are so great!

Jean said...

Have never tried an ATC - but yours is gorgeous!


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