Monday, 7 December 2009

A Paper Christmas (with a paper Christmas Wreath Tutorial)

I’ve been busy these days preparing Christmas presents, but even so I’ve found time to make some ornaments for our home, like this Christmas Tree based in Tracey Mason’s design (although hers is ten millions times more beautiful than mine!):

I used two kinds of wrapping paper (same design different color) for the “triangle leaves” and a piece of cardboard for the interior cone. For the star: golden cardboard. Also put some golden glitter (with glitter pen) in the curled white ends… and that’s all! Really easy and funny project… and it looks great! Thanks Tracey!

With the rests of paper I made a Christmas Wreath and, although simple, decided to share this “tutorial” with you.

1. Cut a ring from a strong cardboard using your desired measure for your wreath (doesn’t have to be perfect!)

2- Cut several leaves of paper, each one with a slit like the one shown in the picture. Put a glue drop in one side of the slit and paste on the other side.

3- Put another glue drop in the bottom of these end of the leaf and paste on the cardboard ring as shown in the picture.

4- As your goal is cover all the cardboard ring, paste one leaf in the center, one to the left and one to the right… and so on.

And that’s all!

Finally, decorate as you like… (Everything I used in this wreath is paper and cardboard… nothing else!)

Do you like it?


Sarah said...

These are both awesome! LOVE that wreath.

Sònia said...

que si me gusta????????


Candelas y Punto said...

Oh! How pretty! I especially adore the first Christmas Tree.

Paloma Zubieta López said...

¡¡¡Qué manos, Pelusilla!!! *aplausos*

Tracey said...

Pelusa, I think your tree is Fabulous! Hugs-Tracey


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